About Ag Matters

Ag Matters draws together latest scientific knowledge, background information, resources and case studies to help New Zealand’s primary producers and rural professionals understand what they can do to help reduce on-farm emissions of greenhouse gases and achieve other environmental goals.

Ag Matters is funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries' Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change programme (SLMACC) and managed by the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC).

It enables access to information by farm type (for example, dairy), environmental goal (for example, reduce greenhouse gas emissions), topic (for example, soil carbon) or individual on-farm action (for example, once-a-day-milking).

Each page contains links to associated information both on and off the site, to help farmers make sense of the sometimes-complex relationships and interactions between different goals, topics and actions. Ag Matters aims to help farmers take a whole-of-system approach to improving their environmental performance.

Each farm is different, and no single action is likely to make a significant difference to reducing emissions or achieving other environmental goals. Ag Matters is designed to help farmers assemble a package of actions that might work best for them, without compromising the viability of their business.

Information is a mix of text, graphics and videos, and is supported by a growing library of case studies showcasing New Zealand farmers who’ve made farm-system changes and addressed significant challenges on their journey to reducing emissions and establishing a more environmentally sustainable operation.

Information will be updated frequently. To receive email notification whenever new content is posted, register with us.

If you have specific questions, please contact us directly.

Published: December 2, 2021